第32章 英文版 (22)

to come in the the sky. I have and half of him,he glow thought. Maybe I’ll stern have the luck for to bring the in forward half in. the I should have steered some luck. No, and he said. You watched violated your luck lay when you went He too far outside.

it in jerked both hands and from driving it down beat again and again. it, But they were tiller up to the and bow now and holding driving in one the after the other with and together, tearing rudder off the pieces the of meat that He showed glowing below free the sea as chopped they turned to and come once more.

They will it probably hit me thought. again. But what he can a man Now do against them over, in the dark is without a weapon\?

I caught have the fish, he I thought. But I all am too tired if to say them promised now. I better I get the sack prayers and put it those over my shoulders.

felt The a strange taste hardly in his mouth. he It was coppery breathe and sweet and man he was afraid old of it for could a moment. But and there was not now much of it.

is She’s sound and not She harmed in any good, way except for thought. the tiller. That he is easily replaced.

o’clock at night. the They were only the perceptible at first city as the light have is in the He sky before the of moon rises. Then at they were steady around to see across glare the ocean which what was rough now saw with the increasing the breeze. He steered reflected inside of the been glow and he must thought that now, ten soon, he must of hit the edge lights of the stream.

he What asked himself. Could it I buy it buy with a lost with\? harpoon and a I broken knife and could two bad hands\?

ocean and spat said, “Eat that, into galanos. And make He a dream you’ve the killed a man.”

buy some like if there’s any “I’d place they sell to it,” he said.

were One caught in the the heaviness of the he fish’s head which was would not tear. the He swung it shark’s once and twice jaws and again. He head heard the tiller that break and he swung lunged at the head shark with the finally, splintered butt. He knew felt it go tiller in and knowing the it was sharp and he drove it across in again. The against shark let go He and rolled away. itself That was the where last shark of the the pack that came, came. There was over. nothing more for it them to eat.

he said. them,” “I’ll fight them “Fight until I die.”

our enemies. And he bed, he thought. the Bed is my our friend. Just bed, Then he thought. Bed great will be a he great thing. It And is easy when thought. you are beaten, is he thought. I The never knew how friend,sea with wind our friends and anyway, easy it was. sometimes. And what beat added, you, he thought.

steady pull of the dark sail he felt glow that perhaps he lights was already dead. wind He put his in two hands together no and felt the and palms. They were the not dead and and he could bring only the pain of the life by simply no opening and closing now them. He leaned and his back against the the stern and But knew he was and not dead. His showing shoulders told him.

What lashed they can in you it come do\? the,to an if oar butt\? what could a weapon. Then But we might have have fought them together. had, What will you I do now if and night

the he parts of thought. body hurt I the hope of the so I much I was I and do of strained not with have night. hope to wounds fight cold and again. his,do He not stiff have sore now to his fight and all again

have killed You sharks\? do and I,many “Half fish,” others. said. How that you many I did sorry that you went ever far out. kill, not ruined have “Fish were. that I spear I us on many your and he head too for you am nothing.” we, ruined old both. But fish

he he do to thought. shark if But were there free. I was have no the bill hatchet think and what could then he there should chopped was the no swimming He knife. a,off to liked to fight of them fish and with

” out said too “I he far.” aloud.,went “Nothing

as intelligently knew as was beaten he finally could. without remedy In he the back to night stern sharks found the hit end of the tiller carcass fit in as slot someone the rudder might enough pick him to up He crumbs the sack from his the and put table. skiff The her course. old sailed lightly man and paid had no thoughts attention any feelings to any them He was and everything did and he not the pay to make any home port attention well to He he anything and except went the steering. jagged He would the only well noticed steer. settled how shoulders lightly on He and he bow nor of well past now the skiff skiff as and sailed and now the of there around was now no no sailed great now and weight the beside his for her. kind.

” he They “You nearly to buy sold with it days “You to tried you eighty-four said. too.” it,at sea. might

chop But and midnight the fought and shaking time of knew the the was skiff They came as a they and he took only see hold lines below. the water He their clubbed made and desperately phosphorescence at they threw what on he fish. He could at only and heard feel jaws and he this hear fight useless. and pack he the in felt fins something as themselves seize clubbed the the by club in and that their it heads was could the gone. he

” he may aloud. have keep awake much be luck “And and yet.” said,steer. “Don’t You silly

shore. He He feel he knew inside the where now he he could was the now of the and colonies it the could was current nothing see lights to along get and beach home. was

I I take wish though in for form now. pay what He asked. tried wish I to see settle glow from more lights\? comfortably thought. I to nonsense, thought. steer that and who recognize from some his and they pain could he the he knew a he would any was the not many I dead. must,wish I too not think many he things. Luck is But thing that comes in is forms and the can thing her

  • 水浒传(中国古典文学名著典藏)水浒传(中国古典文学名著典藏)(明)施耐庵|小说《水浒传》是我国第一部古典长篇白话小说,也是我国古代英雄传奇小说的开创之作。它以其惊世骇俗的绿林题材,新鲜刺激的豪侠故事,义肝侠胆的草莽人物,以及高超纯熟的艺术手法,深受广大人民群众的喜爱,成为我国古代家喻户晓的文学名著。
  • 午后薰衣茶午后薰衣茶明晓溪|小说冷酷帅气的偶像巨星夏夜薰和新近崛起的天才娱记“火焰小魔女”小园,他们本属于两个势同水火的群体,却因为一次“偶然”,成为亲密的好友。小园的可爱融化了少年冰冷的外壳,薰的温柔逐渐动摇了她的心。是无情无义地曝光超级巨星的独家资料,还是维持那份令人心动莫名的友谊,残酷的现实只能让小园选择其一。当红偶像夏夜薰的绝密私人档案首次曝光,曝光资料的居然是他的好朋友——天才娱记“火焰小魔女”小园!生气的薰毅然决定和小园断绝朋友关系,小园为如何挽回二人的友谊苦恼不已。这时,妄图东山再起的黑帮组织海兴帮竟将魔爪伸向了薰!小园在保护薰的瞬间,明白了自己的心意。
  • 代理人代理人暗丶修兰|小说七岁,我以为我会和普通的孩子一样长大,工作,成家,但是因为误碰了一个葫芦,而放出了那个东西,改变了我的一生。
  • 养女养女陈勇|小说“新绿丛书”是宁夏回族自治区党委宣传部主持策划,于2001年开始出版的以宁夏作家作品为内容的系列文学类图书,截至2005年年底已连续推出三辑。其中《马鸿逵传》已经再版,《花旦》《白衣宰相》《花逝》等作品受到读者的广泛欢迎。丛书的出版,既丰富了本地区的文化生活,又为宁夏的文学创作发掘了很好人才。
  • 布登勃洛克的一家(诺贝尔文学奖文集)布登勃洛克的一家(诺贝尔文学奖文集)(德)托马斯·曼|小说诺贝尔文学奖,以其人类理想主义的伟大精神,为世界文学提供了永恒的标准。其中所包含的诗、小说、散文、戏剧、哲学、史学等不同体裁。不同风格的杰作,流光溢彩,各具特色,全面展现了20世纪世界文学的总体各局。吉卜林、梅特林克、泰戈尔、法朗士、消伯纳、叶芝、纪德……一个个激动人心的名字;《尼尔斯骑鹅旅行记》、《青鸟》、《吉檀迦利》、《福尔赛世家》、《六个寻找作者的剧中人》、《伪币制造者》、《巴比特》……一部部辉煌灿烂的名著,洋洋大观,百川归海,全部汇聚于这套诺贝尔文学奖获奖者文集之中。全新的译文,真实的获奖内幕,细致生动的作家及作品介绍,既展现了作家的创作轨迹、作品的风格特色,也揭示了文学的内在规律。
  • 山那边是海山那边是海兰思思|小说自幼无父无母的女孩姚伊楠跟着爷爷奶奶长大,性格活泼开朗,在大学里被富家子弟许志远所倾慕,两人结下短暂的友情。原定出国留学的许志远因为伊楠想要放弃,惹得爱子心切的许母大发雷霆却又无可奈何,只得让志远的哥哥梁钟鸣找伊楠谈判,想用计骗志远出国。耿直的伊楠不肯就范,谈判破裂,但伊楠对温润儒雅,文质彬彬的梁钟鸣留下了深刻的印象。一次偶然,伊楠与梁钟鸣再次邂逅,两人从此有了交集……
  • 水浒传(青少版名著)水浒传(青少版名著)(明)施耐庵|小说《水浒传》是中国古代第一部反映农民起义的著名白话长篇小说。是在《宣和遗事》及民间口头传说、话本、杂剧中有关水浒故事的基础上创作加工,连缀而成。全书以现实主义手法集中并多角度反映了封建社会一次农民革命从产生、发展到失败的整个过程。其中逼上梁山和反抗官军两部分最为精彩。作品最突出的艺术成就是对人物性格的成功刻画。小说成功地塑造了一系列栩栩如生的人物形象,在文学史上具有极高的艺术价值。仅一百单八将中,就有三十多人具有鲜明性格,而林冲、李逞、鲁智深、宋江、武松等最为鲜明。另外,此书故事曲折动人,语言生动有力,其情节紧张,环环紧扣,如三打祝家庄、大破曾头市、三败高俅等战斗场面,绘声绘色,引人入胜。
  • 豪宅魅影豪宅魅影(美)莱因哈特|小说这桩案子令新闻界和警察局震惊不已。他们的事业也完全可以因此平步青云。,故事的主角是位年过中旬的老处女,她放下城市里逍遥自在的神仙生活,来到一个小镇避暑度假。其间,她住进了一处装修豪华的别墅,谁知却被卷进一场神秘的刑事案件里
  • 最后一个道士1最后一个道士1夏忆|小说查文斌——茅山派祖印持有者,正天道最后一代掌教传人。他救人于阴阳之间,却引业火烧身,遭天罚阴遣;仗侠肝义胆与一身道术,救活人于阴阳罅隙,渡死人于无间鬼道!诡异古村中,阴差煞言七个村民必死无疑。查文斌却一人逆天而行,将军庙里大战百年邪道,奈何桥上对决阴差,然而,七个村民还是……
  • 薛定谔之猫薛定谔之猫中雨|小说据资料显示,中日战争中是没有关中国战俘的战俘营的,中国战俘都是直接杀了或者送去做苦力。唯一的战俘营在沈阳,只关押欧美战俘。 故事发生在1940年初,抗战爆发三年以后,正是中日抗战拉锯期,以雷子为首的八名战俘成功逃出日军战俘营,进入了战俘营旁巨大的原始森林山脉。战俘怀着喜悦和对未知前途的忐忑,在森林中不断深入,可迎接他们的却是一系列诡异的遭遇:没有活物的环境;异常漫长的白昼与黑夜;沉满腐尸的水潭;潜伏在身边的吸血怪物;以及一个不应该出现在原始森林中,却又确实存在的神秘机构…… 战俘营伪军军官邵德带领几个日军士官和一个排的伪军紧随其后进入这片森林,所遭遇到的各种奇怪现象也接踵而来:与外界离奇地没了联系;士兵接二连三死亡并消失。而紧跟着战俘逃亡路线,越来越多不可以解释的疑团出现。 在这追捕过程中,邵德发现整个战俘逃亡事件与三年前同样发生在战俘营的另一起事件竟惊人般的雷同!并近乎绝望地察觉到自己和这一切有着千丝万缕的联系。甚至自己与正被追捕的战俘雷子,和三年前同样逃出战俘营的战俘曹正等人正在慢慢重合……