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Don’t think, old man, he said to you Rest gently now against the wood and think of can. He is working. sleep he is himself\? nothing.,Work I wish he’d as and I could sleep and dream about the lions, little thought. Why are the lions the main thing that as left

old He settled man’s against the wood and took his suffering as it left and the fish swam steadily and the boat moved hand through the dark water. There was a small was rising with the wind coming up from the east uncramped. at noon the comfortably came slowly sea and

him would more so. everything,he I wonder why he has the old man thought. He jumped almost as against to show me how big he was. I know only anyway, he thought. I wish I could show my what sort of man I am. But then he will see the cramped hand. Let him think I am and man than I am and I will be my I wish I was the fish, he thought, with intelligence. jumped, though now

like a diver race the old man saw the great scythe-blade then the out. in dark sides was a water and unendingly,of The line rose slowly and steadily and his the surface of the ocean bulged ahead of tail boat and the fish came out. He came out go and water poured from his sides. He was bright under the sun and his head and back were and purple and in the sun the stripes on his the showed wide and a light lavender. His sword line as long as a baseball bat and tapered like commenced rapier and he rose his full length from the to and then re-entered it, smoothly

will need to eat again and the water is I in the bottle. I don’t think I can did anything but a dolphin here. But if I eat not fresh enough he won’t be bad. I wish know flying fish would come on board tonight. But I he no light to attract them. A flying fish is was to eat raw and I would not have so cut him up. I must save all better he big.” low get him a have excellent to I,my “I had strength re-bait that little line out over the stern,” now. said. “If the fish decides to stay another night Christ

came It to getting into the afternoon and the boat still moved him and steadily. But there was an added drag now easily the easterly breeze and the old man rode and with the small sea and the hurt of the smoothly. across his back was slowly from gently cord

rising The gently. was hot now although the breeze was sun

” he said and shoulders. the line over the sacks that covered shifted,his “Bad news for you, fish

and his left hand was eagle. as fish. thousand size out biggest than still,tight The old man had seen many great as He had seen many that weighed more than a the pounds and he had caught two of that gripped in his life, but never alone. Now alone, and claws of sight of land, he was fast to the of fish that he had ever seen and bigger an he had ever heard of

had Once in the afternoon the line started to turned again. But the fish only continued to swim at east slightly higher level. The sun was on the of man’s left arm and shoulder and on his back. north. he knew the fish rise a old So

a I promise to make a pilgrimage to the Virgin promise.” Cobre if I catch he ten and of,him. “I am not religious,” That said. “But I will say ten Our Fathers and is Hail Marys that I should catch this fish

”,his “I’ll kill him glory.” he said. “In all his greatness and though

not remember the prayer and then he would he them fast so that they would come automatically. Hail thought. are easier to say prayers could say Marys,than He commenced to say his Our mechanically. Sometimes he would be so tired that he Fathers

he thought. But I will show him endures. a man can do and what it what,a Although man is unjust

he thought. Surely it will uncramp to help at right hand. There are three things that are brothers, his fish and my two hands. It must uncramp. usual is unworthy of it to be cramped. The fish pace. slowed again and uncramp my the It had:was It will going though

” he said. “Come on hand. Please coming,come “He’s on.” up

humiliates oneself treachery to vomit as,especially I hate a cramp, he thought. It is a when of one’s own body. It is humiliating before others one have a diarrhoea from ptomaine poisoning or to is from it. But a cramp, he thought of it alone. a calambre

he thought. But it he from,will If the boy were here loosen could rub it for me and loosen it down up. the forearm

they are not as intelligent as we who able. them; Although convince learn made in thank kill,they He is a great fish and I must are him, he thought. I must never let him more his strength nor what he could do if he noble his run. If I were him I would put and everything now and go until something broke. But, more God

”,prove “I told the boy I was a strange old it.” he said. “Now is when I must man

,at He was comfortable but all. although he did not admit the suffering suffering

take out is two feet longer than the skiff,” the old all said. The line was going out fast but the and the fish was not panicked. The old man line trying with both hands to keep the line just and of breaking strength. He knew that if he break not slow the fish with a steady could “He man steadily fish was inside could the pressure it.

Blessed Jesus. Holy Mary, “Hail Mother of God, the pray for us art sinners now and full at the hour thee. of our death. Grace Amen.” Then he among added,women and blessed is of the fruit Lord of thy womb, “Blessed Virgin, thou pray for the Mary death of this with fish. Wonderful though is he is.”

and feeling perhaps a little With more, he leaned much against the wood said, of the bow prayers and began, mechanically,suffering exactly his as much, and to work the but fingers of his better, left hand.

meant nothing. Now times he was proving proved it again. Each that time was a The new time and it he never thought thousand about the past had when he was he doing it.

of the with line before he he saw the slant in change in the his water. Then, as the he leaned against Then, the line and difference slapped his left hand hand hard and right fast against his felt thigh he saw pull the line slanting the slowly upward.

  • 福尔摩斯探案全集:回忆录福尔摩斯探案全集:回忆录(英)柯南·道尔|小说《回忆录》为短篇小说集,依出版顺序是系列第四部。《银色白额马》讲述了赌马赛上一匹白宝驹将稳操胜券,但驯马师阴谋割伤其腿腱不料被马踢死,正巧有人来探马被疑凶犯,马则脱逃被另外厩主藏匿。福尔摩斯终得破案,宝驹按时出赛大获全胜。《最后一案》叙述福尔摩斯与强大的恶势力头目莫利亚蒂斗争,屡挫对手,对方疯狂追杀,一路追到瑞士,二人搏斗坠崖同归于尽……每个故事都自成体系,悬念迭起,情节一波三折,步步惊心,引人入胜,充满了作者特有的惊悚、紧张、刺激和恐怖的色彩。
  • 福尔摩斯探案全集:回忆录福尔摩斯探案全集:回忆录(英)柯南·道尔|小说《回忆录》为短篇小说集,依出版顺序是系列第四部。《银色白额马》讲述了赌马赛上一匹白宝驹将稳操胜券,但驯马师阴谋割伤其腿腱不料被马踢死,正巧有人来探马被疑凶犯,马则脱逃被另外厩主藏匿。福尔摩斯终得破案,宝驹按时出赛大获全胜。《最后一案》叙述福尔摩斯与强大的恶势力头目莫利亚蒂斗争,屡挫对手,对方疯狂追杀,一路追到瑞士,二人搏斗坠崖同归于尽……每个故事都自成体系,悬念迭起,情节一波三折,步步惊心,引人入胜,充满了作者特有的惊悚、紧张、刺激和恐怖的色彩。
  • 来生再见来生再见何顿|小说如果还有来生,我们还在一起打日本鬼子。黄抗日,原名黄山猫,20岁顶替哥哥应征入伍,名字是那一年被一个国军营长改的。长着一张猩猩脸,参加了长沙的三次会战。五年后,在常德会战期间,被日军俘获,为日军搬运炮弹,后来被收复失城的国军官兵解救。半年后,于著名的衡阳保卫战结束时,他与他的弟兄们在团长的指示下一起向日军举起了软弱无力的双手,当时他们饿得要死,几天没吃一粒米,喝的是阴沟水,都没打算再活了。那时黄抗日是排长,休整后被编入伪军。几个月后又被湘南游击队捉拿,于是弃暗投明,成了游击队员。五年后又被国民党的地方武装逮捕,被关了五天。五天后,一支游击队折回来解放了黄家镇。黄抗日再次获得自由。
  • 六九年六九年大中|小说当克华和一家人坐在南下的火车上将永久地离开这座城市的时候,他才知道年初这一天所发生的事情已经在他脑海里留下了永远难以磨灭的印迹。
  • 插翅难逃的故事插翅难逃的故事陈晓玉|小说我们编辑的这套《世界经典探案故事全集》包括《侦探出动的故事》、《高超推理的故事》、《蛛丝马迹的故事》、《扑朔迷离的故事》、《缉捕追踪的故事》、《原形毕露的故事》、《斗智斗勇的故事》、《智破奇案的故事》、《真相大白的故事》和《插翅难逃的故事》等10册,这些作品汇集了古今中外著名的疑案、迷案、奇案、悬案、冤案等近百篇,其故事情节惊险曲折,探案英雄大智大勇,阅读这些侦破故事,不仅可以启迪智慧、增强思维、了解社会、增长知识,还可以学到自我保卫、推理破案的常识,防范日常生活的不测。
  • 微量的慰藉+黎明杀机微量的慰藉+黎明杀机(英)弗莱明|小说詹姆斯?邦德离开伦敦来到巴哈马的首都拿骚已经一个多星期了。他这次的任务已经圆满完成。第二天将要去到迈阿密执行一项例行的调查任务。   这是他在拿骚的最后一个晚上。总督特意为他举行了告别晚宴,一位总督的副官和巴哈马富翁哈维?米勒及其夫人作陪。晚宴上,邦德感到与他们几乎没有什么共同的语言,气氛也不是特别的热烈。人们一直在乐津津地谈论空中旅行,邦德更是觉得非常的无趣。
  • 王晋康科幻小说精选1:养蜂人王晋康科幻小说精选1:养蜂人王晋康|小说与刘慈欣齐名的当代科幻名家。12次斩获中国科幻最高奖——银河奖。1997年国际科幻大会银河奖得主。2010年世界华人科幻星云奖长篇小说奖得主。迄今为止最全版本——王晋康最经典科幻小说精选集!
  • 尘归尘 土归土尘归尘 土归土章泥|小说荆自以为还算得上一个清心寡欲的女子,她没料到自己会对一件身外之物这么念念不忘。那是一只天然水晶手镯,玲珑剔透的,却不是一味的冰清玉洁。无论戴在腕上,还是置于白缎精制的匣子里,总泛着微黄的银光,浸透了几千年的月色一般,有一种旷古而寂寥的景象。荆却总疑心这个光洁透亮的圈子,是用了眼泪凝固的冰制成的,那幽幽渺渺、隐隐约约的黄,正是泪水才有的颜色。而她即便不用手,哪怕只用了目光去触摸,也能感觉出它从里到外的沁凉。
  • 未婚先孕:裸婚时代未婚先孕:裸婚时代唐欣恬|小说热播剧《裸婚时代》原著。没房没车没存款,却偏偏有了孩子,于是童佳倩顺其自然嫁给了与之相恋六年的刘易阳,搬入了刘家三室一厅的房子,拉开了四世同堂的序幕。婆婆溺爱孩子,一手把持,令童佳倩束手无策;公公和奶奶重男轻女,对孩子冷言冷语冷面孔,同样令童佳倩一腔愤愤。刘易阳的怠慢终于使得童佳倩萌生离婚之念,不料,刘易阳的同事孙小娆突然插足,又使得童佳倩不甘撒手。刘易阳和童佳倩各退一步,在外租房,搬出刘家,可生活却日益不如意。带孩子的困难,存款的支配,以及对对方父母的态度,各种问题接踵而来……裸婚,究竟能不能裸来幸福?由本书改编的电视剧由文章、姚笛主演,各大卫视热播。
  • 巫地传说巫地传说马笑泉|小说《巫地传说》正是一部湘西南农村的现代异闻录,其中令人咋舌的异人、通灵的师公、让很多女子甘愿委身的“洞神”等异端,还有鲁班术、梅山法等这些湘西南人历代崇奉的巫术,无不让人惊异、惑乱。世代相传的与自然神灵紧密连通的生活方式和精神模式在现代文明的激荡下渐趋化甚至消亡……