(9) 第19章 英文版

teetered The bird on at him it he spoke. as was too his even to delicate the line feet he gripped when He it examine and fast. tired looked

line carefully bird had with up when his line jerked right the old hand had not and seen him noticed He felt his The flown hand and man was go. the bleeding. even the

at When a sun had lesser further the depth. man realized That the fish did not tiring. not was only necessarily favorable sign. mean slant of that line showed he was swimming would risen old jump. was There But The the he the that might. he one

that anyway out to and to meet who But he would nothing of learn to the about who could the he come hawks them. said soon bird not enough. this sea,understand The hawks, him thought

I,had Aloud he the “I wish boy.” said

But,kill “Fish,” he you “I love dead and respect before very much. this I will day you you ends.” said

the yellow was yellow Gulf on the weed but the that man knew had only made made added drag so he was much It was phosphorescence weed line in that an the pleased. There night. and old

I I never know what felt fish was him. took the I just now. had could have to a marlin get a broadbill rid a shark. of that that him It been too or don’t fast. or bait

” the old\?“Is “How old this you\?” the your man asked first bird. are trip

and The rested made the on of the the and rested line Then he where around the he man’s head was stern boat more flew old comfortable. there. bird

thought\? of,leaders. After it That light, he can I will be back to replaced. forty-fathom bait But cut it who too and replaces up the this coils. I fish have lost if hundred fathoms I good Catalan hook and the some and is fish work the and away link it will two cuts cardel hooks him and reserve off

he sun Each jerk and the cut for the the once to edge I he the do harshness leaned not he no have must it to widens tried look breaking he into on thought. it. pull been,the He hook to increase makes tension, but and line had then taut up when the very he of the does point since jump had hooked he fish and might felt the throw as he it. back to Anyway and knew I could put feel more strain better it. I with not jerk the ever

he show I wish that “He’s the he will us was thought. he tiring. the said.,would turn headed north,” with old man the The current current. have set That far to would eastward

overboard Just then if fish gave he sudden lurch had pulled the not man down braced the bow himself would have and him the given that old some and pulled line. onto a

” dead.” stay softly,, “I’ll am with “Fish,you until he said I aloud

and put time before his something took foot of the on that were the him. He coils the stick to and the hold begin to them out over as gunwale of he skiff. In drew darkness he his his sheath knots and taking tight. the strain Now the fish he his left had he leaned six and cut reserve line against coils wood of of gunwale. Then line. cut the There line closest were him and two the dark from the loose each of the bait coils fast. he worked skillfully had the one severed Some daylight and baits behind the break line two the the from loosened knife the of on bait back the the the he fish to in had ends reserve taken with hand and heard rush they all shoulder were other made all one the connected. He the

” told tired,a “It’s steady\?” windless old man night. him. “It’s What steady. You are be that birds after the coming too shouldn’t to

” he am “And “You’re I.” said. now,so,, fish, God feeling it knows

The All the of that cannot badly a cannot skiff man he made can Certainly does. ask. have matter,Now I everything what he is that lurch cleared he thought. away wire must that slipped on might great hill make his back. trouble his back and feel as I as mine have But he a pull this big forever, no reserve how great of is. wonder line; for

take,chance like a good any small bird,” man said. “Then or in and bird your “Take or he go fish.” rest

” he said aloud held pulled back steady the line and see if settled could turn back fish. But against he was the the hurt strain and on of he the the touching he line. when to,breaking “Something point him then

hope,he Let us thought. so

night It encouraged and to talk it his back hurt stiffened in truly him because now. the had

of thought. And the the first sun the line rose too, the it waited to was now time on against to the it as old in light man’s thought It right I he shoulder. and stay, down old man into and he the for it water. be light. The was cold boat in the moved before daylight steadily he pushed and the wood when be warm. the can do first as long edge he can,extended He’ll out with me and I suppose

water. A The bird came old the skiff man the north. could was a see and flying that low over he the small was from He very very tired. warbler toward

”,the “Stay small my house breeze you like, that he said. is am sorry rising. cannot hoist But sail and I you in am at if with “I I a take with friend.” the bird

” the to man said. handle have him him.” “I old,enough “God let line jump

hook the dark up not haven’t the You yourself two back last reserve or boy, coils. in had, he thought. and have only cut and you it better work away to the and line now,in But you the got the dark

him for looked around company. the bird The because he bird have liked was for now gone. He would

dried before he reached his carefully and he felt his way the to the pull and rested of the wood. the adjusted the fish and carefully and the line then that he felt in and with surge him his made below hand down a the and it progress worked back of against He the worked so skiff fish his through But chin the sack It water. bow The,it So came did it. across was difficult a the dark new once the part made a of that pulled his down on shoulders face and and, a cut holding his eye. it blood ran anchored his cheek with little way. his it coagulated shoulders

air thought.Now that and is daylight then him jump he that he’ll cannot can tension go hurt he deep it let to Maybe little die. so he,fill the if I sacks increase the along just a his it will backbone him and with will jump

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