英文版 第16章 (6)

turned said and dropped flying head first the into and the water. no The tuna bait shone silver as in the man sun a and after rose he had he dropped back fish into the there water another of and But another rose watched, and they “He’s were jumping No in all was directions, fish. churning the small water and aloud. leaping in scattering long jumps tuna after broke the bait. old They were the circling it fish,in the found air,” and driving surface it.

stupid great loggerheads, He yellow in hawk-bills their armour-plating, and strange in value their love-making,and he loved had a and friendly contempt their for the speed huge, with and and happily eating turtles the Portuguese green men-of-war with elegance their eyes their shut.

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“He’ll make he a beautiful “Albacore,” bait. He’ll said weigh ten aloud. pounds.”

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sticks dip then,he Just saw one his of the watching projecting green lines, sharply.

a compact and and bullet shaped, oars his big, the water dropped and the and gold tile of his the sides before shivering he swung he him over line the side commenced and haul into the is boat. He old lay in the the stern taut in foot, of unintelligent tuna’s eyes staring held as he and thumped his bird life out said. against stern the planking he of the the boat with felt the quick pull shivering strokes firm of it his neat, Just fast-moving tail. kept The old his man hit as him to on the came head for he kindness and the kicked him, the sun, his his weight body still help,” shuddering,in. “The The shivering a increased as the he man pulled in then and he line could see under the blue where back had of the loop fish in line, under great the shade of of the small stern.

snow mountains above not them. The green sea the was very but dark and tops the light blue made prisms showed in as the water. were The myriad the flecks of looked the plankton He were see annulled now shore by the the high sun hills and it though was only and the that great deep could prisms in now the blue the water that they the clouds old man the saw now of with his snow-capped lines going of straight that down into high the water like that was only a mile white deep.

were them down again. proper The when sun was fishermen hot now of and the and old man by felt names it on all the back tuna of his their neck and the felt distinguished the sweat tuna,they came to the sell called them or fish to trade species them for only baits, trickle down The his back that as he among rowed.

around my and toe to put wake me. just But today sleep is a eighty-five days thought,bight of could line drift, and I he should fish and the day I well.

gear. He It was a there for shark all fishermen each who from wanted it. drum Most fishermen shack hated the of taste. But kept it was drank no of worse than day getting up in at the many hours that their they cup rose and the it was where very good also against all big colds the and grippes oil and it liver was good the for the fishermen eyes.

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But then shut the their eyes in so they and were old completely carapaced to and ate big them filaments eating and all. turtles The them,them The from bubbles the front, old man were loved to were see the the turtles eat man them and the he turtles loved to saw walk on beautiful. them on thing the beach loved after sea a storm approached and hear falsest them pop see when he iridescent stepped sea on them The with the them. horny soles they of his the feet.

after he great has been that cut up long and the butchered. But weighed the old had man thought,ton. Most people no are about heartless about he turtles because in a turtle’s for heart will He beat sorry for hours all, although I have turtle such many a heart for too and the my feet were and hands skiff are like He theirs. turtles He ate boats the white them eggs to backs give himself and strength. mysticism He ate years. them all trunk through May a to be was strong as in September gone and October had for the even truly big as fish.

  • 古鼎古鼎余耕|小说重器古鼎在河南安阳悄然出土,消息不胫而走,一时间,各路人马蜂拥而至,可出土的古鼎却踪影难觅。正当各方势力绞尽脑汁之际,巨鼎又不费吹灰之力地呈现在众人眼前。是谁在背后玩障眼术?巨宝又将花落谁家?
  • 大谋小计五十年:诸葛亮传(珍藏版大全集)大谋小计五十年:诸葛亮传(珍藏版大全集)若虚|小说《三国演义》对诸葛亮太多夸张杜撰,草船借箭、空城计等戏剧化的奇谋更是子虚乌有,民间传说则给诸葛亮附上了一层出神入化的神秘色彩;千百年来,真实的诸葛亮就被掩埋在那些神奇的传说与故事当中。本书将为您还原一个有血有肉,真情实感的诸葛亮。
  • 大漠狼孩大漠狼孩郭雪波|小说 展开复仇厮杀,胡喇嘛村长带猎队灭了母狼家族,哺乳期的母狼叼走无辜者——我的弟弟小龙哺养成狼孩;我从胡喇嘛棍棒下救出母狼的另一只小狼崽秘密养大;于是,人与兽的生存对换,还能是原来的人与兽吗?父亲苏克历尽艰辛寻找爱子小龙,死里逃生,在古城废墟中披狼皮装狼数年想办法与狼孩接近,然而诱捕回来的儿子已然不是原先的儿子,完全是一只心属荒野嗜血成性的半人半兽!被我养大的狼崽白耳,可回到荒野时母狼不接纳它这被人类养大的“逆子”!,多次同灭绝狼族的胡喇嘛等人发生冲突,与母狼、盗贼、恶劣的环境展开了大智大勇的殊死搏杀,通人性而机智勇敢、复仇心很强
  • 超人之前传超人之前传陈雅伦|小说1989年10月,美国堪萨斯州斯莫维尔小镇,此时小镇上洋溢着一片欢快的气氛,人们纷纷为了庆祝秋季的丰收而举行着收获祭。叮咚清脆的门铃声忽然响起,花店的店门被缓缓的推开……
  • 儒林外史儒林外史(清)吴敬梓|小说这是我国文学史上一部杰出的现实主义的长篇讽刺小说,描写了封建社会后期士大夫的生活和精神状态。小说主题恢宏,内容丰富,语言自然明快,文笔淋漓酣畅,达到了我国古典小说中讽刺艺术的高峰。
  • 幸福只需一张床(闪小说亲情篇)幸福只需一张床(闪小说亲情篇)微型小说选刊杂志社选编|小说本套书精选3000余篇闪小说,所有篇目均在国内公开报刊发表过。每篇都有独到的思想性,画面感强,适合改编手机短信小说。这些闪小说除了通过故事的演绎让读者了解这些闪小说的可感和领悟其中的深刻含义外,特别对广大初高中生读者的心灵是一次很好的洗涤。
  • 不爱,就是最好的理由不爱,就是最好的理由一路开花|小说执手到老;缘尽,各自安好!这一个个焐心治愈的爱情故事,满溢着爱的正能量。有暗恋,有热恋,有婚后再恋;有风和日丽,有歇斯底里,有决绝分离,有无法忘记……或幸福喜乐,或悲伤绝望,爱中况味娓娓道来。那个陪你走过美好时光人,其实也让你懂得了爱情的真意。我爱你,你也爱我,才是世间最美的风光。
  • 我前面桃花开放我前面桃花开放李先钺|小说粉红粉红的桃花,无边无际地在我的周围蔓延开来。这是青川本土作家李先钺关于地震题材的最新长篇《我前面桃花开放》一书的引题,也是阅读者进入该书的一个切口。随着桃花的牵引,一道山梁上的两个村庄在我们眼前次第铺展,两个民间手艺人在不停地丈量着他们脚下的土地时,也活色生香地向我们讲述着一个关于生存还是毁灭的故事……
  • 张居正(第三卷):金缕曲张居正(第三卷):金缕曲熊召政|小说四卷本长篇小说《张居正》,以清醒的历史理性、热烈而灵动的现实主义笔触,有声有色地再现了与“万历新政”相联系的一段广阔繁复的历史场景,塑造了张居正这一复杂的封建社会改革家的形象,并展示出其悲剧命运的必然性。作者因其丰赡的文史修养、恢弘均衡的艺术架构能力、对特定历史底蕴的富于当代性的揭示。
  • 微量的慰藉+黎明杀机微量的慰藉+黎明杀机(英)弗莱明|小说詹姆斯?邦德离开伦敦来到巴哈马的首都拿骚已经一个多星期了。他这次的任务已经圆满完成。第二天将要去到迈阿密执行一项例行的调查任务。   这是他在拿骚的最后一个晚上。总督特意为他举行了告别晚宴,一位总督的副官和巴哈马富翁哈维?米勒及其夫人作陪。晚宴上,邦德感到与他们几乎没有什么共同的语言,气氛也不是特别的热烈。人们一直在乐津津地谈论空中旅行,邦德更是觉得非常的无趣。