英文版 第13章 (3)

really,manager, is Luque greatest or the Mike “Who Gonzalez\?”

clock,” “You’re the alarm boy my said.

excellent,” the stew old “Your man is said.

said. Is “Age it clock,” to man have my one “Why longer old day\?do old is men alarm wake the so early\?”

ship “When that was ran age to was Africa the and on I square have seen your lions before on a the I beaches mast in I the rigged evening.”

You “I told know. me.”

“The was Sisler’s playing was in the and Big the Leagues father when poor he great was he,father, my never age.”

shirt The and was a down jacket must for for the thought,and Where soap you and The a thought. good village towel. supply Why am streets I the so I thoughtless\? get boy him another wash\? have I here must him, winter and water some road. sort the of boy shoes water and two another did blanket.

mind was used on come horses the as sometimes well in as baseball. days. At he least rough he harsh-spoken carried difficult lists he of drinking. horses at to all Terrace times the in But his and pocket when and His frequently spoke too the was names was of to horses and on older the “He telephone.”

said. “He “My a father manager,” thinks boy he great was was the the greatest.”

hit “There the nothing longest like ball He I ever have was ever them. seen.”

the “They boy today,” told lost him.

must “Naturally. take Brooklyn. makes But difference. then the I league, think Brooklyn of Philadelphia Dick But Sisler and In those between great I drives the In and the other old he park.”

I know is know,” that boy young “All boys don’t sleep said. late the and “I hard.”

gone with know. us. was Then great we would might have “I that a for He all It of have our mistake. lives.”

say his would father to was the a DiMaggio fisherman. the Maybe man he “They was as take poor fishing,” as said. we like are old and great would “I understand.”

men “They on other the have team.”

great “That DiMaggio nothing. is means himself The again.”

used “Do to remember come he to when the you Terrace\?”

down in road the the dark, man’s barefoot and men were walked moving,the They road, to carrying shack the along masts old of the their all boats.

it Usually was he too the early in he his up dream dressed and go went wake on boy. dreaming tonight to smell see the land white came peaks early of he the when Islands land rising woke from the and sea But and of then breeze he and dreamed smelled of and the different the harbours very and breeze roadsteads the of knew the the Canary to Islands.

be fresh ought in go the bed morning. so I will will take to the now things you back to to “You the that Terrace.”

good fishermen Va,” and some said. great are ones. “Que But boy there many is “There only the you.”

“I know.”

ask “I him. to Then him I but asked was you to to ask take him I and timid you fishing were wanted too too timid.”

had “Because continued came to the come times,” here old each said. year your he father most would man think Durocher him the the here greatest “If manager.”

was sleepy old and went the the old and man boy put after his He arm across out his the shoulders him. and man said, came “I door am The sorry.”

fish will you. come make along so I great no that You he happy. will “Thank prove hope us me wrong.”

wake me. do It like is him as “I though for I not were to inferior.”

where sitting quietly on room the the bed,light that door came in house from the the lived dying unlocked moon. he He it took walked hold of with one bare foot The gently was and on held cot it the until the and boy old woke could and him turned with and The looked the at boy him. The opened old in man his nodded boy and a the first boy the took his clearly trousers of from was the and chair feet. by in the man bed and, asleep pulled and them see on.

you “There are no still fish strong is as if you such say.”

native the boats capes come the riding brown through He it. He He a smelled the of tar was and and oakum beaches of beaches,along that was coast in now short every and night dreamed and Africa in he his dreams boy he the heard golden the and surf white roar so and they saw the eyes, the hurt deck and as he great slept lived and time he when smelled long the white smell high of Africa asleep that a the his land mountains. breeze the brought he at and morning.

Yankees as the I League said,” is the “In old it man American said the happily.

I know “No. others better.”

I “Good will wake night you in then. the morning.”

about the baseball,” “Tell the boy me asked him.

off his trousers went and went to eaten bed in light the dark. table He rolled old his trousers up boy to make had a pillow, on putting the newspaper man inside them. out. He rolled no himself in the the blanket and with slept on took the other the old newspapers that and covered the The springs of They the bed.

think they “I are equal.”

boy said. “It the is what “Qua a man Va,” must do.”

as I think,” not the old strong man said. be “But I know as many tricks “I and I may have resolution.”

on. He occurrences, urinated outside fights, looked great out the great open door nor at the moon his and unrolled dreamed his trousers of and put them storms, the shack of and then went now up the of road to of wake the boy. He He was the shivering with nor the morning strength, cold. But he women,lions He on the dreamed beach. They played of like young of cats in nor the dusk and nor he loved contests them as nor he loved wife. the boy. He of never dreamed and about the no boy. He simply nor woke, knew he only would shiver fish, himself warm and of that soon places he would longer be rowing.

talk about we Africa or “Should about baseball\?”

the best fisherman “And is you.”

well “Sleep old man.”

it,” the old man “I said. “I’ll can wake you remember in time.”

said. “Tell me think,” about the “Baseball great John J. I McGraw.” He the said Jota boy for J.

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  • 中学生课外阅读:被风吹走的快乐中学生课外阅读:被风吹走的快乐刘国芳|小说这是当代微型小说之父刘国芳的精品小小说集,从刘国芳的小小说中,我们不难看出,作家对小小说这一独特文体的审美把握达到一种至高的境界。精短的篇幅里,浓缩了丰富的生活容量,淋漓尽致的情感表达,读之,让人有一种审美愉悦,精神得到释放,心灵回归了本真状态,读刘国芳的小小说,是一种享受,一种审美的享受,一种悦神悦志的享受。刘国芳对生活进行高度的审美把握,对生命、人性的认识达到更高的层面,创造出如此有意味的作品。著名小小说评论家刘海涛说:“刘国芳的名字和他的经历已和中国大陆的当代小小说发展史有着密不可分的联系。”
  • 未婚先孕:裸婚时代未婚先孕:裸婚时代唐欣恬|小说热播剧《裸婚时代》原著。没房没车没存款,却偏偏有了孩子,于是童佳倩顺其自然嫁给了与之相恋六年的刘易阳,搬入了刘家三室一厅的房子,拉开了四世同堂的序幕。婆婆溺爱孩子,一手把持,令童佳倩束手无策;公公和奶奶重男轻女,对孩子冷言冷语冷面孔,同样令童佳倩一腔愤愤。刘易阳的怠慢终于使得童佳倩萌生离婚之念,不料,刘易阳的同事孙小娆突然插足,又使得童佳倩不甘撒手。刘易阳和童佳倩各退一步,在外租房,搬出刘家,可生活却日益不如意。带孩子的困难,存款的支配,以及对对方父母的态度,各种问题接踵而来……裸婚,究竟能不能裸来幸福?由本书改编的电视剧由文章、姚笛主演,各大卫视热播。
  • 车头爹 车厢娘车头爹 车厢娘刘华|小说《车头爹车厢娘》(作者刘华)是一部缅怀中国铁路的蒸汽机时代的长篇小说,这是对一个激烈变动的时代和一个铁路世家的书写,这是关于一个国家的大规模建设时代的史诗性长篇。《车头爹车厢娘》讲述从抗日战争中沿着铁路走出来的枣庄奶奶和他的子孙们,亲历了一个为铁路而热血沸腾的时代,火车的汽笛声是深入奶奶精魂的生命之声,枣庄奶奶的一生见证了铁路飞腾的时代和铁路工人建设国家的历史:他们出身铁路世家,他们为铁路而生,他们为铁路而死,他们追随铁路走向四面八方,他们因铁路而进发出生命的激情,他们是中国铁路史和中国工业化历史的建设者。
  • 神井神井王本杰|小说多少年来,广运盐号里里外外的大事小事,老掌柜罗广仁一般都不挨边了,任由儿子罗运宏去处置打理。他放心着哩!话虽如此,但偶有节骨眼儿上揪着盐号生死存亡的大事儿,老爷子自会出面点拨一二,事情没有不顺的。罗老掌柜是长江县乃至遂宁府众所周知的怪人,奇人!这是早些年前的事了。那年罗运宏刚接手盐号当上大掌柜就遇上了一件麻烦的事情。
  • 神井神井王本杰|小说多少年来,广运盐号里里外外的大事小事,老掌柜罗广仁一般都不挨边了,任由儿子罗运宏去处置打理。他放心着哩!话虽如此,但偶有节骨眼儿上揪着盐号生死存亡的大事儿,老爷子自会出面点拨一二,事情没有不顺的。罗老掌柜是长江县乃至遂宁府众所周知的怪人,奇人!这是早些年前的事了。那年罗运宏刚接手盐号当上大掌柜就遇上了一件麻烦的事情。
  • 超人之前传超人之前传陈雅伦|小说1989年10月,美国堪萨斯州斯莫维尔小镇,此时小镇上洋溢着一片欢快的气氛,人们纷纷为了庆祝秋季的丰收而举行着收获祭。叮咚清脆的门铃声忽然响起,花店的店门被缓缓的推开……
  • 世界上最美的小说世界上最美的小说贾志梅编译|小说本书经过反复筛选,从世界最美小说里精选了最具有代表性的小说。以飨读者。那么,就让我们在风和日丽,或者斜风细雨的午后,捧一杯香茗,品味自然,品味生活,和心灵交流,与经典同行,感受最原始的欣喜与悸动吧!
  • 最后一个道士1最后一个道士1夏忆|小说查文斌——茅山派祖印持有者,正天道最后一代掌教传人。他救人于阴阳之间,却引业火烧身,遭天罚阴遣;仗侠肝义胆与一身道术,救活人于阴阳罅隙,渡死人于无间鬼道!诡异古村中,阴差煞言七个村民必死无疑。查文斌却一人逆天而行,将军庙里大战百年邪道,奈何桥上对决阴差,然而,七个村民还是……
  • 危情游戏危情游戏杨红光|小说北方某大城市三个大学毕业生陪聊的故事。理医学系毕业的何婷婷、幼教系毕业的水莲、工程物理系毕业的程皓。这三个陪聊者,陪聊的心态悬殊,目的不一。对情感、对生活的态度迥异。现代生活最终以一种特别的方式全面袭击了他们。陪聊生活中,真实的情感受到极端的考验,美丽的爱情被摧毁……一环一环的欺骗,一幕一幕的表演,却都是一点一滴的真实。